What are the matching skills of all copper floor lamps in different areas?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-28
Many customers of the overall home improvement have the demand for all-copper floor lamps. Some customers are placed in the living room, some customers are placed in the bedroom, and some customers are planning to put them in the study, what are the matching skills of all-copper floor lamps in different areas? The following small series will show you the matching skills of all copper floor lamps in different areas. All-copper floor lamp collocation in the living room: Many people have the habit of watching TV in the living room. If you are a TV fan, Xiaobian suggests you put a all-copper floor lamp on the side of the sofa. Because we need a little gentle light source when watching TV, which can protect our eyesight. In addition, the light of the all-copper floor lamp can be used as background lighting, and the height of the lamp can be adjusted to change the diameter of the aperture to control the intensity of the light and create a hazy aesthetic feeling, its shape and color should also be coordinated with the soft decoration of the living room. Bedroom all copper floor lamp collocation: some people will have the habit of reading at night, so when installing all copper floor lamps, it should not be placed beside tall and soft furniture or in areas that hinder flow, generally 120- It is better to adjust the height or the angle of the lampshade by 130. All copper floor lamps in the study are matched: some families will have a study room specially for their families to study. The first point to consider when choosing all copper floor lamps is to consider the height of floor lamps. If the study area is larger, choose elegant and atmospheric styles accordingly. If the space is smaller, you can choose some small styles.
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