What are the design features of Chinese chandeliers?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-13
Lamps and lanterns are divided into many styles, including European style, American style, French style and Chinese style with traditional charm. Many people know about Chinese-style lamps, but they don't know much about their design features. The following small series will show you what design features Chinese chandeliers have. First, Wood is the main, Chinese chandeliers are generally hollow or carved wood, but also with some other materials, such as glass, sheepskin, fabric, etc. Second, the structure is symmetrical. Most of the Chinese chandeliers we often see are symmetrical structures, such as squares, circles, polygons, etc. , which are basically symmetrical with the center line. Most of the round lights are decorative lights, which play a finishing touch at home; Square imitation sheepskin lamps are mostly ceiling lamps, and the periphery is equipped with various fences and figures. They are simple and dignified, simple and generous, which fully reflects the balanced beauty of ancient Chinese art. Third, the color of the bright Chinese chandelier is very fresh and bright, and there will be a strong contrast between the light and the lampshade, giving people a sense of nature. Fourth, the pattern is diversified. Chinese traditional elements are integrated into the design of Chinese chandeliers, especially the carving of patterns on lamps, such as carving some Ruyi lines and auspicious clouds on lamps, the decoration of the back pattern, etc. fully reflects the traditional classical charm of the Chinese chandelier. Fifth, the shape is rich, and the Chinese chandelier is integrated into the Chinese traditional elements; Butterfly Love flower; , Breeze and moon; , Mei lanzhu chrysanthemum sijunzi; Chinese classical poetry couplets, Ming ceramics, and even classical novels and mythical characters are combined with Chinese lamps to produce different styles such as lights, sitting lights, wall lights, chandeliers, etc, it gives people a refreshing and endless feeling.
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