What are the conditions for joining O2O lighting?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
Since the start of the O2O Lighting franchise mode in snooker in March 2016, it has been a full harvest. So far, our O2O dealers have spread almost all over the country. Since the launch of this model, O2O orders have been continuously placed, allowing our distributors to fully enjoy the benefits brought by this model. The distributors are all quite satisfied with this model. The orders that are sold online are directly pushed to the distributors, and the distributors can easily get the rebate; The customers who come down to the line want to go to the physical store to see the lights, directly guide the customers to the physical store to select the money, directly in the physical store, the customer finds the door. Recently, many customers who open lighting stores are consulting about the O2O lighting joining mode of snooker, asking us what conditions are there for joining, the following small series will tell you about the specific conditions for joining the big family of snooker Mercure O2O. First, there must be a physical store, truthfully inform the scope of business. The first condition for joining the snooker Mercure O2O is: you have to have your own store. If you have your own store, you can hang up the sample and serve the local consumers. If you say that you have a store, you are not allowed to join. Second, the implementation of regional protection system, the same area does not allow 2 O2O dealers. Another important condition for the joining mode of snooker Mercure O2O lighting is that there is no O2O distributor in the local area, because in order to prevent conflicts between distributors and consider the interests between distributors, two O2O distributors are not allowed to exist in the same area. If there is already our O2O distributor in your location, then sorry, you can't be our distributor. Third, the distribution requirements. In general, many local lighting companies will say that the premise of joining is how much the volume of goods is, and snooker will not be required to say how much the volume of goods must be reached, we will reasonably recommend the number of samples according to the economic development of your region, customer consumption level, store size, and location of the store. For the first time, there will be a special sales director who will recommend the best selling styles of snooker and Mercure online and offline to help you choose some good selling styles. Snooker Mercure O2O lighting joining is roughly the above three conditions. If you want to know more detailed joining information, you can directly contact snooker Mercure joining hotline: 400-800-7609.
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