What are the common types of engineering lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-30
As a lamp manufacturer that has been focusing on research and development and production of all-copper lamps for 18 years, we always receive various engineering orders and usually have different requirements for different engineering orders, today we will talk about some types of engineering lamps. Villa engineering lamps, we encounter more villa projects. Usually these come to us are the design company or some soft company procurement. They usually choose the money first and confirm the style satisfaction before talking about the price with us. Such customers have quite strict quality requirements for lamps. Why? The clients of Villa decoration all belong to the three high crowd we said; . High income, high culture and high quality of life, so their requirements for lamps are quite high. In our words, the lamps they choose are hung in the villa, which is a symbol of facade and identity. Therefore, such customers will definitely look at the money first, then look at the quality, and finally talk about the price. Hotel engineering lighting, hotel engineering category will have a very obvious demand point is the number. Therefore, people often ridicule that if you receive a hotel engineering order, you will not have to worry about the second half of the year. Indeed, for hotel projects, even if only a lamp is needed, it is already a large order, because the demand for hotels is large, even if only a bedside wall lamp is needed, if every room in the hotel is installed, then the amount needed is definitely a lot. The grade of General hotels determines what grade of lamps to buy, and high-grade hotels generally have higher requirements for lamps, whether in style or workmanship. Clubhouse engineering lamps, clubhouse as a place of entertainment, the decoration style will be more personalized than other places, pay attention to the created entertainment atmosphere. In addition to some auxiliary lamps, the lamps and lanterns of this kind of project will use the conventional lamps and lanterns of the lamp manufacturers, while other main lamps will rarely use the conventional lamps and lanterns of the manufacturers. Therefore, it is necessary to customize non-standard lamps at this time. Usually, it is directly customized. If the map is customized like this, the manufacturer needs the designer to design the design, open the mold, and make the sample. In this way, the price of the lamp will be higher. The three types of engineering lamps mentioned above are common to us, and different projects have different requirements for lamps. Therefore, in the face of different projects, customers should have different sales plans.
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