What are the advantages of Guzhen Lighting wholesale market?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-02
As we all know, Guangdong Zhongshan Ancient Town is the international lamp Capital. The lighting industry is the leading enterprise of the ancient town. At the same time, the ancient town is also an important lighting wholesale market and the main source of purchase for retailers across the country. What are the advantages of the Guzhen Lighting wholesale market? 1. The market share is high. Guzhen Lighting has a market share of over 60% of the major decorative lamps in China, and the popularity of regional brands is continuously increasing. 2. The industry has a high degree of concentration and has formed a well-known professional market in the country. After long-term guidance and support, it has gradually established a comparative advantage on the basis of cost saving and comprehensive utilization of resources. 3. The operating mechanism of the enterprise is flexible. The ancient town is dominated by individual and private enterprises. In addition, it is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It has accumulated strong market adaptability and export processing capacity, and market competition has also increased significantly. 4. Lighting products have their own advantages. Industrial agglomeration brings both advantages and competition. Therefore, ancient town products are updated quickly, with rich types and novel styles.
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