Welding process standard for non-standard copper lamp customization

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-06
Customization of copper lamps in the true sense; It is not only the production of lamp styles, but also the customization covering creative design, structural design, production technology, packaging and logistics. Mass customization is a new production mode that has swept the manufacturing industry at home and abroad in recent ten years. It responds quickly to the needs of individual customers with agile operation. Lamps and lanterns as a durable consumer goods, its function is not only material, but also spiritual, people in the purchase of lamps and lanterns is very individual. In the selection of high-end club lighting, Star hotel lighting, high-end catering lighting, real estate lighting, Villa lighting, many of them need to be customized, it is difficult to fit the style, size and personalized needs of the space without customization. In order to realize the customized needs of distinguished customers; Snooker Mercure has launched a copper lamp customization service to meet the needs of different styles, different crafts and different sizes. At the same time, it has achieved the realm of lighting art with the attitude of extreme rigor and excellence. Welding process standard: touch welding: the solder joint is firm, flat and free of obvious dents. Oxygen welding (Copper/Silver) : The welding joint is flat, uniform, free of air holes and no fake welding. Argon welding: the welding joint is flat and uniform, without air holes, the spot welding joint has no breakdown, and the welding surface has no obvious deformation phenomenon. Spot welding: the welding path is uniform and fish scales.
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