Watch out! Hotel lobby engineering chandelier becomes 'off the light'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
Recently, a piece of news said that on October 1, Mr. He, who lives in Jiangxi, took his family to Shanghai for a tour and settled in a luxury hotel on the Bund in Shanghai. When they entered the hotel, unexpectedly, the all-copper crystal project chandelier in the hotel lobby suddenly dropped a few crystals, and it was just right on Mr. He's head. This actually turned Mr. He into a mild concussion. Pay attention to some domestic news in recent years. We find that similar situations occur almost every year, and some places even cause death and injury. How does a beautiful lobby project chandelier turn into a passenger safety killer? Please feel free to analyze the reasons for the similar situation: 1. The structure of the hanging lamp body in the hotel lobby project is unreasonable, and the structure of the hanging lamp body in the hotel lobby project is unreasonable, it is one of the most important reasons for the falling of these engineering lamps after the installation is completed. Hotel lobby engineering chandeliers are often relatively large lamps. Its huge volume and weight, if there is no good structure to support, the whole lamp or some accessories will often fall off, thus accidents are inevitable. In order to avoid similar situations, we suggest to increase the thickness and diameter of the material in the stress structure of the lamp when producing the hotel lobby engineering chandelier, and install the check gasket in the place where the screw is fixed, in order to prevent the lamp from loosening during use. At the same time, add a steel wire with strong structural force to each bearing structure of the lamp and pull it from the bottom to the top. If the lamp falls, this steel wire can be stabilized for at least a period of time, thus winning time for the safe evacuation of personnel under the lamp. 2. The crystal pendant of the hotel lobby engineering chandelier itself has defects. Many times, the crystal of the hotel lobby engineering chandelier often falls and hurts people. The root cause is that there are cracks in the place where the crystal itself is drilled, and the cracks will naturally crack and fall after a long time. In addition, the quality of the steel wire used to fix the crystal and the lamp body is not up to standard. Slowly, under the action of external force, the fixed steel wire is straightened, and the crystal falls down along the straightened steel wire. There are two ways to avoid the crystal falling of the hotel lobby engineering chandelier. One is to use the steel wire with higher hardness. The other is to pull a transparent net at the bottom of the hotel lobby project chandelier, which can fall directly on the net when the Crystal Falls. 3. The installation of chandeliers in hotel lobby projects led to the fall. Some hotel constructors did not have the installation qualification, but the Overlord was forced to bow and asked for installation in society. Because of the unprofessional construction workers, they often throw away some accessories used to ensure safety like garbage, or do not install them according to the manufacturer's installation instructions. As a result, the hotel lobby engineering chandeliers that were hastily installed became a time bomb that would cause problems at any time.
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