Warmly congratulate Zhongshan Siwei home Lighting Co. , Ltd. on its successful listing

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-16
On December 25, Zhongshan Siwei home Lighting Co. , Ltd. was officially listed in Shenzhen Qianhai Equity Trading Center and became a listed company with a listing code of 363525. Four-dimensional home Lighting Co. , Ltd. was established in 1996, with its brand snooker Mercure; Up to now, the industry of all-copper lamps has experienced 20 years of spring, summer, autumn and winter. At first, the company has turned our senior executives and outstanding staff into owners of the enterprise through listing to build a team, sending shares and holding shares, the most important thing is that through this listing, we can get an attempt in the capital market and introduce a number of world-renowned enterprises (Same industry)The team joined the company. On the same day, Ma Junkang, the general manager of Zhongshan Siwei home Lighting Co. , Ltd. , and several senior executives of the company attended the ceremony to witness that Siwei home Lighting Co. , Ltd. is about to embark on a new journey. The successful listing of Zhongshan Siwei home Lighting Co. , Ltd. in Qianhai Equity Trading Center is an important milestone in the development history of Siwei home Lighting Co. , Ltd. and an innovation in exploring multi-channel financing methods, it will help four-dimensional home Lighting Co. , Ltd. to improve risk control and promote standardized operation and development of enterprises. Ma Junkang, general manager of Siwei home Lighting Co. , Ltd. , delivered a speech: The company has always believed that only better all-copper lighting products can win the market. For this reason, the company has been working with Sichuan Institute of Arts and Crafts for a long time, guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts conducts industry-university-research cooperation. Trained a strong team of full-time and part-time designers. Therefore, it provides a strong guarantee for ensuring the advanced nature of the company's products. Every year, a large number of all-copper lamps and furniture ornaments series products are developed. These products adapt to the changing needs of consumers on the basis of inheriting the advantages of the original products. So far, the company has obtained more than 180 patents of various types such as National design. Four-dimensional people will be more determined to take the road of brand, and strive to improve the beauty of snooker; The humanistic value content of the brand. Push this cause of creating beauty for mankind steadily. ;
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