【] Warmly congratulate Shanghai Junchang lighting engineering lighting customization project signed successfully

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-02
After more than two months of consultation, in October 17, the engineering lighting project of Shanghai Junchang lighting officially signed a contract with snooker Mercure all copper lamp. A total of 256 sets of 29 engineering lamps signed this time. It covers a series of all-copper engineering lamps such as chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, outdoor lamps, etc. It is reported that the customized engineering lamps in snooker will be installed in Feng Xiaogang film commune; . On the afternoon of May 24, 2012, director Feng Xiaogang, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mission Hills Group Zhu Dingjian and chairman of Huayi Brothers Media Group Wang Zhongjun were three big names; Jointly held a press conference in Beijing, announcing the establishment of a joint venture company to create the most distinctive commercial project of film tourism in China, namely, the Huayi Feng Xiaogang film commune in Guanlan Lake, Haikou, presenting a utopia; A movie-themed tourist destination. One is a leading enterprise in China's tourism and leisure industry, one is a leading company in China's entertainment industry, and the other is a famous director with the most charisma of movie box office in mainland China. This is the first time to play the assembly number; , Staged three men a play; To jointly create the world's first film-themed tourism project named after the director. This time, the customized engineering lamps in snooker are installed in Feng Xiaogang film commune; What kind of effect will it show? Let's wait and see.
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