Warmly congratulate Beijing Gaoli International Baroque lighting all copper lamp Hall for reloading and welcoming guests

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
Yesterday, the Baroque lighting all-copper hall on the third floor of Beijing Gaoli International Lighting port opened to welcome guests, attracting people's attention again. On that day, all-copper living room lamps, all-copper ceiling lamps and other products sold 200 thousand yuan, it has set a good sales performance of all copper lamps in history. After nearly two months of design and construction, the Baroque lighting all-copper lamp Hall once again showed its unique side to customers in Beijing. Baroque lighting has been using copper as a material for product combination and matching for many years. It is currently one of the few copper home furnishing shops in the Beijing market. The company main complete copper lamp, copper crystal lamp and full copper Continental light. Because of its rich product line and reliable product quality, it has always occupied a large share of Beijing's all-copper lamp market. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the requirements of the majority of owners for decoration, all-copper lamps have flourished on the premise that they are gradually accepted by the public, beijing Baroque lighting caters to the mainstream European and American style copper lamps in Beijing lighting market. General manager of Baroque lighting Cai has been engaged in the lighting industry for more than ten years, and his feelings and cognition of all-copper lamps are higher than those of ordinary people, therefore, the all-copper lamps of Baroque lighting are higher than the lamps in Beijing in terms of texture and taste. They have always required their own products and marketing with high standards. They have always maintained a good reputation in the market and are passed on by word of mouth, customers introduce customers, which makes Baroque lighting accumulate a rich wealth--A large customer base.
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