Warm European table lamp ST50818-01 create a creative pastoral style

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-19
As night fell, thousands of lights lit up the night sky together, and the warm family sat together to enjoy the happiness of the family. After dinner, start to enjoy a pleasant leisure time. The European-style desk lamp next to the living room sofa has also been lit up. The original family is watching TV on the sofa. The light of the European table lamp was gently sprinkled on everyone's face. Khaki striped cloth with wavy fabric lamp intellectual elegance, creative transparent crystal pineapple column, add a sense of fashion, square cast copper solid base, giving a solid and steady feeling, the whole table lamp gives people a sense of beauty of hardness and softness. This European-style desk lamp model: ST50818- 01 size: W360 * H 625. Recommended reason: stylish and elegant khaki-colored European table lamp, European pastoral style, elegant and stylish, 36 processes carefully created, every detail is a heart, choose an elegant and stylish European table lamp, enjoy the beauty of the night.
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