wake up your kitchen with eye-catching color

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-05
If you are eager to change the look of the kitchen but will not make a full makeover, there are still many ways to fill your space with fresh colors and bold details.
From painted ceilings, floors and patterns to ideas for color schemes and more, join us and discover 12 creative ways to add color to the kitchen with just a can of paint and creativity.
Lift your mood with a pleasant striped ceiling.
Your arm will beg for mercy for all the recordings and drawings, but your eyes will thank you when the work is done.
The wide stripes of sun yellow and white are a bold choice, but stay on the ceiling and they feel interesting and unique without taking up space. Try an all-over stencil.
Want the look of wallpaper without high price tag?
Why not try your hand?
Not on the wall template?
There are many cool modern versions on the market, and even making an accent wall can have a big impact.
Read the techniques in this handy Houzz tutorial.
The effect is rich with super-color tones.
The vibrant turquoise itself is beautiful, but when paired with the same bold red and sparkling metal touch, it really stands out like the chairs and chandeliers shown here.
Draw a new color scheme with big-scale wall art.
An oversized piece of art is a great way to bring color splash to the kitchen immediately.
It does not need to be precious to do this work;
Think about the terrain, old school charts and plant illustrations.
If you like what you see, you can further observe by extracting the paint color of your room from the artworkColor scheme.
Double in tropical tones for a bold, charming look.
Fresh lime green or Caribbean Blue will stand out for yourself, but put the two together and you can immediately evoke the effect of laying
Step back, swaying trees and crystals
Clear waters of the tropics.
Clean, Clean surfaces and modern stainless steel help to shift this look to the realm of fashion rather than gimmicks.
Add colors and patterns with carpet tiles.
The kitchen floor has to withstand heavy traffic, spills and frequent cleaning, which makes it less-than-
Ideal for traditional carpets.
However, carpet tiles can add softness and color to the floor in a more practical way, and carpet tiles can be removed separately for cleaning or replacement.
Paint floors for simplecare \"rug.
\"Another attractive option for the kitchen is to paint or even template for the floor built --in rug effect.
The bright light blue shown here is light but will not show all the dropped crumbs and it is easy to clean up.
Enlarge your space with the Skyblue ceilings.
There are often blue ceilings on the porch, but why not try it indoors?
The blue ceiling in the kitchen will make you feel like you are cooking in the open air, increasing the sense of space.
Emphasize the wooden cabinet with warm sunset tones.
When you want to join the existing kitchen scheme, it\'s key to incorporate what you have into the new design.
If the warm woods are already playing with counters and cabinets try to put down the sunset
Flashy carpet tiles and clear white painted walls for a fresh look.
Use the focus wall at the end of the kitchen.
If it\'s a narrow kitchen
The style kitchen hinders your style and try to highlight the lobby with a bold painted wall in the breakfast corner.
Add sculpture chandeliers and beautifully styled chairs to the Round Table to complete the scene.
Start with an accent of a painting.
I like the idea of drawing a cabinet inside (
Remove the door and fill the hole)
Or place your favorite dishes or cookware on the wall behind a set of floating shelves.
The impact of minor changes like this on the whole room is always surprising.
Wash the kitchen in a soothing tone in a single tone.
For a peaceful look, try working in several shades of the same color in different parts of the kitchen.
Here a beautiful turquoise is used to repaint the cabinets while a pale, watered --
The downward version of the same tone is used on the wall and works well.
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