Villa lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns and ordinary home outfit

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Browse the release date - - - - - - - Villa lamps and lanterns, as the name implies, popular terms is used to use when villa decoration lighting, lamps and lanterns is our common home outfit common commodity house, apartment, etc when decorating, the use of lamps and lanterns, the villa and what is the difference between ordinary decoration lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns? We have to resolve from two aspects. A villa, from the aspects of materials, lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns and there is no difference between ordinary home outfit, the lamp body can use copper, iron, stainless steel, glass, resin and other materials, are also used glass lampshade, cloth art, tiffany, acrylic etc. In use ways, have bigger difference, the villa area is compared commonly big, need more lamps and lanterns, choose the style and design more and more widely, the use of a villa in different regions can use different size of lamps and lanterns, the style is different design aspects were also classic lasting appeal of Chinese style style, new classic Europe type amorous feelings, luxury high-grade crystal lamp products, to foil a whole villa high-grade and the host's taste, as a result of the villa storey height is high, and a more flexible choice for the dimension of lamps and lanterns, relatively speaking, we are in domestic general commodity house floors. M - 。 Meters, so to the dimension of lamps and lanterns are requesting them, do not exceed the height of cm generally choose lamps and lanterns, the style of lamps and lanterns basic also choose products fit in with the household decorates a style lamps and lanterns, span cannot too big, lest cause the feeling of chaos. Lamps and lanterns is an essential part of in our home life, it is also an important one in decorating, make the finishing point effect, whether it is a villa or a regular family decorate decorate, the choice of lamps and lanterns must be coordinated with their domestic outfit style.
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