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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-24
0 - villa lighting knowledge 0 - Villa is the badge of high-end personage, symbol of a person's identity and status, have a villa is a lot of people dream. Villa means noble, magnificent, elegant, decorative lighting as a focal point of the household to design not only has the ornamental and practical, more and more heavy, in the position in villa decorates a space through the effect of lighting can create a different atmosphere, even a small lights through the ingenious layout can let a space greaten. How to let the lamplight foil indoor atmosphere, also can build relaxed and pleasant environment is tricky, today small make up to share with everyone home lighting knowledge, useful to remember to collect oh. Principle 1: villa indoor lighting first to qualify for villa design theme, the main light is best only see light, no light. Because of the light source exposed easily absorb dust, the light is too strong will make the person produces vertigo. Principle 2: porch entry requires the use of general lighting. If there are green plants, the decorations such as painting, niche, accent lighting, can be used to create a lively space. Under the shoe ark, such as the light source, can be ground according to very bright, but if the surface luster, is due to the reflection don't look good. Principle 3: the sitting room lighting need gorgeous and elegant atmosphere, came in from the porch is the sitting room, the sitting room is the master's face, generally the sitting room is crystal droplight, auxiliary lamp is indispensable, a small desk lamp or floor lamp, in the sitting room one horn blossom glorious, become a scenery. Principle 4: corridors and stairs. In order to have the guide effect of successfully arrived in each room, avoid interfering with mobile lighting lamps and lanterns. Narrow corridor, corridor is wide, such as the size of the wall lamp is to pay attention to highlight. Long corridor with canister light choice is more, can be created on the metope of rules of light and shadow, guide the effect will be better. With stair place due to the difference in height between the stairs requires security lighting. Especially down the stairs, be careful not to step empty fall accident, so you want to use won't produce the lamps and lanterns of glare. Cannot be installed on to tread in the shadow of the position. Corridor and stair lighting three way switch is used, and can be controlled in two places. Principle 5: toilet and bathroom. Clean and tidy is the basic principle of toilet and bathroom, bathroom lighting use downy lamplight, the bathroom is the wettest place, and try to use anti-fog product of lamps and lanterns, have waterproof function. If you want to make the bathroom look more capacious, the lamps and lanterns can use cool color to move, use the bathroom floor lamp and tube light maximize performance smooth shine surface texture. Principle 6: the bedroom is private space. Is also a rest place, the choice of lamps and lanterns should give priority to with simple, sweet, give a person quiet, leisurely and comfortable feeling. Avoid using strong light, and modelling of lamps and lanterns, avoid by all means use a red light, red light will cause anxious psychology impetuous, not conducive to sleep. A: set the tone, the sitting room lamps and lanterns is how to choose the next: absorb dome light installation knowledge product recommendations
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