Villa full copper lamp New debut again

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
If you have a very petty Villa, if you like sunny and casual American country style. Or sweet English style. Then it is not too much for you to choose the all-copper lamp Series of Snooker Mercure Villa as the decoration of your home to add warmth and petty bourgeoisie to your Mercure. Recently, this classic Villa full copper lamp series has been added to the pro---A Villa all-copper chandelier suitable for large villas. This lamp is in the original company patented product (SZ50701-28) On the basis of the extension of the new Villa full copper lamp. It is designed for the Hall of the villa. When we first saw the bronze lamp of this villa, we were impressed by its unprecedented relaxed, comfortable, rural and sunny feeling. This is a classic Villa all-copper lamp, which is a simple European classical style, and it is not difficult to find the shadow of the American style of the tough atmosphere. If you put this villa full copper lamp into your villa, I am sure it will immediately add a noble and elegant atmosphere to the leisure room, and also add a bit of petty bourgeoisie.
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