Villa engineering lamps SZ50701-28 installation effect Real shot

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-10
Everyone will think that villas of high-end and high-grade should be magnificent. Interior decoration is the key. When it comes to decoration, Villa lighting cannot be ignored. The choice of Villa lighting affects the decoration effect of the whole villa. It is very important to choose a suitable lamp to install in the villa. The following is a brief introduction to a villa engineering lamp Z50701-28. Many customers have bought this villa chandelier. Different customers install it in different places and have different tastes. The Villa chandelier purchased by our customer Mr. Tao this time is installed in their living room. The customer's home is a single-family duplex villa building. The villa is being renovated recently, need to find a suitable Villa chandelier. After understanding the customer's basic hardship, we recommended this SZ50701- 28 Villa chandelier, this large chandelier is very versatile, simple and not cumbersome, white frosted glass lampshade, all copper lamp body, simple and direct, retro charm combined with modern fashion, classical and elegant. Considering the convenience of the switch at ordinary times, Mr. Tao, the customer, our company specially customized the component switch of this lamp for the customer and equipped it with a remote controller, which can easily turn off the light with a single press, no longer have to run to the power supply to switch. The following is the installation effect of the customer's real shot. If you want to know more about Villa engineering lighting styles, please call the national toll-free hotline of snooker: 400-800-7609!
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