[Video + Image] China Lighting Network's second customer exchange experience will be held smoothly

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-03

China Lighting Network News (Liu Mingming) On the occasion of the upcoming Olympic Games, on the afternoon of August 7, 2008, the second customer exchange experience of China Lighting Network was successfully held in Guangzhou Tianhe Software Park, the headquarters of China Lighting Network Operation.

This is a small and exquisite exchange experience activity that we have planned. It is rich in content and deep in communication.

The meeting was brief and concise, briefly introduced the recent developments of Zhongzhao.com, and collected the suggestions and opinions of the new version of Zhongzhao.com (the new version of Zhongzhao.com was launched on August 1, 2008). After demonstrating to the guests how to better utilize the brand to promote the brand, the focus is on the hot topics of the lighting industry, such as the current status and future of LED, lighting energy saving, Olympic lighting, etc. In the free discussion session, the guests The exchanges were enthusiastic, and they spoke positively. The violent clashes of the views pushed the meeting to one climax.

After the meeting, many guests took the initiative to request the experience of Zhongzhao.com's operation headquarters to further deepen their understanding of Zhongzhao.com and were particularly interested in using Zhongzhao.com to discover business opportunities.

The guests thanked us for providing a good communication platform for people from all walks of life and sharing the successful experiences of others. Looking forward to the next exchange event.

Here, we sincerely thank you for your consistent support of China Lighting Network. We will continue to work hard and live up to expectations. Towards the goal of “serving for the industrial chain”, with the aim of “using the power of science and technology to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and achieve a win-win situation in the lighting business circle”, Using our unique strengths to make a greater contribution to the development of the lighting industry!

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Conference Gallery:

on site

Host introduces guests

Miss Chen Yumei, CEO of Zhongzhao.com

Mr. Huang Shiqiang, CTO of Zhongzhao.com

Liu Li, Marketing Manager of Zhongzhao.com, introduced the latest developments in China Lighting Network

Senior lighting person Mr. Liu Xiaoming

Assistant General Manager of Heshan Guangmingyuan Lighting Mr. Hua Zhonggui

Mr. Ni Xiangdong, Director of Lighting Sales, Trang

Dr. Zhu Yuping, Manager of Delos Lighting Promotion Department

Mr. Li Bo, Sales Manager of Autumn Harvest Lighting

Miss Liang Qiao, Director of Guangzhou Suozhen Testing Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Miss He Yan, Marketing Department, Hedong Electronics

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Venue 2

Venue three

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