Unveiling the Mystery of glass solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
Glass solder lamp, as its name implies, is a decorative lamp that uses copper and glass as the main materials and connects lampshades by hand soldering. In daily life, people often call it Copper Solder lamp, all-Copper Solder lamp or solder lamp. Glass solder lamp originated in North America and was later introduced to Taiwan for production. Because most of it uses baked bent glass, the Taiwan industry has vividly named it bound galss lamp. It means a glass lamp that is bent. In the early days of reform and opening up, Taiwanese were brought into China for production, and thus it was given a Chinese name---Glass solder lamp. In order to adapt to the completely different consumer demands of the export market and the Chinese mainland market, the glass solder lamps after entering China are based on the architectural styles of North America and Europe in the 19th century, in the joint efforts of domestic and foreign designers to develop. Inject fresh blood into it, that is, mix and match style. With the introduction of Persian style and Chinese classical style, the glass solder lamp has become a versatile product in the field of classical lighting. However, no matter how it changes, what keeps the glass solder lamp unchanged is its simple and bright lines, and its emphasis on freedom, peace and integration. At the same time, it also adds rational thinking of humanity. According to industry veterans, the future of Glass solder lamps has a strong ability to derive an independent style. Such as: American solder lamp, European solder lamp, Chinese solder lamp, Persian solder lamp, etc. Each style independently expresses the classical culture of this style. At present, the modeling of glass solder lamps pursues exquisite, atmospheric and concise appearance modeling, and the materials used are also relatively exquisite, focusing on reflecting the rich original attributes and connotation of raw materials. The craftsmanship of the skillful craftsman perfectly reflects the style of the product. The popular glass solder lamps on the market are mainly made of copper and glass. For the sake of expression effect and cost, polymer synthetic materials, crystals and iron are also used.
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