Two ways to make low-quality all-copper chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-27
In the terminal consumer market or even the wholesale market of all-copper chandeliers, consumers often have such an experience: every time they walk into a sales store of all-copper chandeliers, enthusiastic business personnel will describe the all-copper chandeliers they operate seamlessly. For these consumers who know little about the knowledge of all-copper chandeliers, it is really difficult to distinguish between good and bad. This article makes a brief introduction on how to recognize all-copper chandeliers with low quality. First, test the surface adhesion of the surface layer of the all-copper chandelier. The surface coating of all-copper chandelier is a treatment process to prevent premature oxidation of all-copper chandelier. It is attached to the surface of all-copper chandelier. As time goes by, because the surface coating itself reacts with substances in the air, or the surface coating and the copper piece itself are not enough, the surface coating will gradually fall off. The longer it falls off, the longer it protects the all-copper chandelier from being oxidized by air prematurely, and the better the quality. Test Method: first, use a knife to draw a small grid of 1MM * 1MM on the surface of the treated all-copper chandelier fittings. The depth is subject to the coating. Then. Paste 3M gummed paper on) The surface of the all-copper chandelier fitting with the cut grid is rubbed back and forth with an eraser, so that after it is completely tightly attached, it is quickly torn in the direction of 45 degrees, and the coating should not fall off. If the visual observation cannot be clearly observed, it can be observed with a 10-fold microscope; If there is falling metal powder and adhesive tape sticking; There is a phenomenon of metal coating peeling off; There is a phenomenon of foaming. I can conclude that the service life of this all-copper chandelier is not long. Secondly, the surface of the fittings of the all-copper chandelier is soaked in dilute brine or dilute hydrochloric acid: people with a little experience will know that the metal rusts in the air (The rust of copper is long copper green). The most fundamental reason is because the metal surface reacts with salt or acid-base substances in the air. In order to prevent the metal surface from reacting with corrosive substances in the air, we often make a coating on the copper surface to block its reaction with these substances, these characteristics will also be oxidized due to long-term contact with corrosive characteristics in the air, but their oxidation resistance life is many times stronger than that of metals. The specific strength depends on the surface treatment process of each manufacturer. Test Method: Add 5% salt or hydrochloric acid to ordinary tap water at normal temperature, and completely immerse the fittings of all copper chandeliers in the solution, after 12 small imports, there are pitting on the surface of the accessories of the all-copper chandelier. If there is, it is considered to be of low quality, otherwise it is normal. The longer the copper chandelier fittings react in the solution, the better the quality of the copper chandelier. ( The original article of snooker Meiju all-copper lamp, please indicate the source for reprinting)
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