Two major consumption trends of European and American copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-19
In the all-copper lamp industry, all-copper lamps with European and American styles occupy the main part of the whole market. From the analysis of the consumer groups faced by the sales trends of the two styles, the main advantages and characteristics of European-style all-copper lamps are retro and nostalgic. The extension of the concept of European-style lamps is very extensive. At present, the popular products are mainly forged wrought iron, resin, all-copper and other types of products, the significant difference from ordinary lighting products lies in cultural content and atmosphere building. Mature consumer groups tend to prefer this romantic style, and these mature consumer groups are often middle-aged men and women, and they undoubtedly become the middle and high-rise group of Chinese copper lamp consumption, this is undoubtedly the mainstream we face when selling all copper lamps. The main feature of American all-copper lamps is the fashion trend. This style is often concentrated on young people. The middle class in China is mainly composed of two major groups of people: people returning from overseas, these prominent entrepreneurs or senior white-collar workers are deeply immersed in American culture. The life style of the middle class is their example. There is no doubt that they will be a large consumer group using American copper lamps.
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