turn any light switch into a smart light switch for $30 without touching a single wire

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-13
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* Ideas for smart light switches * great-
Instead of buying Wi for $50 per bulb-
Fi connection, you can get a switch that adds wisdom to every light it controls.
Of course, the problem comes when a new smart switch is actually installed.
Most people don\'t want to fiddle with the wires themselves, and the electrician charges an arm and a leg just to show up in your house.
Another option: buy yourself a switch smart light switch, which is mounted on your existing light switch and adds smart control in seconds!
Here are some additional information in the product page: more information from BGRBass
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Attach the magnetic to the screws in the existing wall panel-just in place!
The buckle on the rocker light switch is ideal for homeowners, apartment residents, rent r and students.
The stylish design covers the existing wall panels for cleaning the look, adding an app-controlled timer and remote on/off to the existing light switch, and includes built-in
Manual switch to easily control the lights on the wall panel.
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