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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-02
In the lighting industry, there are more and more customized engineering lamps and non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns, which play a pivotal role in the lighting market. In fact, these are all because of the changes in consumers' ideas. People are no longer satisfied with simple conventional needs, and the demand for personality and innovation is growing. Whether it is engineering lighting customization or non-standard engineering lighting customization, you have to find a special lighting customization manufacturer. Lamp customization manufacturers recommend snooker. Snooker is a lighting manufacturer with 18 years of experience in manufacturing all-copper lamps. It is also a personalized and innovative lighting customization manufacturer. The copper materials of snooker are purchased from the original material factory, and the recycled copper is not used to produce lamps. 36 fine processes, never cut corners. In order to avoid direct contact between lamps and carbon dioxide in the air, lamps and lanterns are all subjected to rust prevention treatment, thus effectively increasing the service life of lamps and lanterns. So far, snooker has served more than 30000 customers across the country, more than 20 patents and thousands of mature products, leading a team with senior design experience. Over the years, I have undertaken all kinds of customized engineering lamps, hotel engineering lamps, club engineering lamps, Villa engineering lamps and non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns customization business, etc. It has always been well received by many customers and won a good reputation. Engineering lighting customization, non-standard engineering lighting customization to find snooker- Research and development and production of all copper lamps for 18 years.
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