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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-06
It\'s hard to believe, but the second switch flashes
Nature, secular, everyday action, can really change the look and feel of your home with a little thought.
How we choose to illuminate our room has a huge impact on the way we work, eat, socialize and rest, but when considering our interior decoration, we often put it at the end.
We all know that Lighting a candle will change the atmosphere of the room, however, we should combine the other tips of the lights, said Keith of Trentanove Lighting, autumn and winter is the season with the most light impact.
\"People are ready to squat down in the colder, darker months to come and want to make their house comfortable.
\"The key, they say, is to increase the lighting layer so that the atmosphere and mood can change depending on what you\'re doing.
\"We suggest that multiple task and function lights can be strategically placed to illuminate reading corners or small work areas, rather than using central lights in each room.
\"The most important thing is to install the dimmer switch.
\"Having lights on dimmers means you can operate them to the maximum when working, reading, cooking, and then dim them when you\'re ready to relax.
\"For those who want to not reinvent
Wiring, putting your lighting can be so easy as investing in floor lights and then adding candles to Instagram\'s in-house expert Wioleta Kelly (@wioleta_kelly).
\"I tried to have three light sources in the living room.
I like ceiling lamps from a wide variety of desk lamps and from Debenhams and decorative lighting. ie.
As for the candles, I am very fascinated by Emma\'s natural ecology.
Soy candles, I make sure my scent matches the season.
Citrus is my favorite.
For summer, but for autumn, I will look for more perfumes to adjust my mood \".
These days, there is no trendy Dublin restaurant without a row of filament bulbs, and the Trentanove are fans.
\"Filament bulbs are still very popular, especially since they can be darkened.
\"But there are plenty of other presentation lights to choose from if industrial fashion is not your style.
For example, Niu Xiang and the new hanging lights selection of the bear in April ensure the single
The bulb trend has not yet gone anywhere, and it is a good investment to put one of them on the dining table or on the kitchen island.
The chandelier also has a moment, despite its minimalism and Scandi-
More inspired than before. Made.
Com has multiple chandeliers-
A statement of inspiration for a visual punch in the lobby or living room.
Metals continue to be popular, but copper and gold are less noticeable this season.
Brass and bronze are the most coveted metals.
When it comes to shapes, the angle of last year looks like it\'s gone, and in their position we see accessories that are soft, round and round.
\"One trend we would like to see is the use of partition lights (
Usually used in sheds and garages)
As an indoor light on a table or table, \"said the trentanov couple.
\"We have one on the lowest set dimmer next to a big factory, adding a very seductive glow on a dark night.
\"In the end, consider investing in a small neon if you want to create your own work.
Sean o\'duigan of Dublin neon club (clubneon. ie)
Everyone is encouraged to consider what a real \"statement piece\" is included in the home this fall \".
\"Neon lights can illuminate the whole room in soft light, so unlike LED lighting, it is perfect for the atmosphere and the eyes are easy to shine.
Neon is also a hand-made art form, so putting some lighting art at home will greatly improve the quality of your interactive games.
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