Trick for you of living area buy a copper han xi deng

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-12
The living room is a place where people stay for a long time besides the bedroom. It is not only the center of family activities, but also the place to receive relatives and friends. Therefore, when choosing lamps in the living room, one must carefully and carefully choose and consider them. Generally speaking, the living room adopts a combination of overall and local lighting to meet the lighting requirements of the living room. It is very important to choose the European-style all-Copper soldering chandelier in the living room. The European-style all-Copper soldering chandelier plays a finishing touch in the whole living room. First of all, how to choose European all-Copper Solder chandelier? 1. Judging and purchasing from the height of the floor: It depends on how high the floor is and how high the top floor is. Most of the current floors are between and, for example, the floor is high, the lamp body is 60 centimeters high, and there is a top layer of two meters high below. In this way, it is very comfortable for visual perception, and the light is evenly distributed, if the floor is about, the European-style all-Copper Solder chandelier is not recommended to be higher than 60 cm. If it is higher than 60 cm, the overall look will feel that the depressed space will be relatively small. If the floor is more than two meters, you can choose a European-style copper solder chandelier, candle-style chandelier, so that the hanging light is not only better, but also the effect gives a visual aesthetic feeling, very warm. 2, from the color matching aspect, to buy: the living room European-style copper solder chandelier in addition to the height is a color matching, if the living room is walnut or mahogany, it has a lot of choice. You can choose black, or you can choose a slightly red, gold, and in short, the middle color is suitable for the living room. 3. From the decoration style of the living room, it is determined: modern minimalist style: lamps are part of home decoration, so the style of lamps should match the decoration style, like a modern minimalist style with a modern all-Copper Solder lamp. European style: of course, it should be equipped with European all-Copper Solder chandeliers or luxurious crystal lamps, and retro all-Copper Solder chandeliers to solidify this nostalgic feeling. The white is dignified and elegant, and the ingenious little green embellishment, the strong historical flavor of the roasting stove, the strong modern atmosphere into the traces of history. Chinese Style: With Chinese all-Copper Solder lamp, the biggest characteristic of the lamp in the living room decorated with Chinese style is to be practical, but also simple and generous, so as to coordinate the whole. When choosing lamps, one cannot be as complicated as crystal lamps, nor as luxurious and rich as European lamps. Because the Chinese living room is mainly to create a kind of return to the original artistic conception, so that not only can attract people's attention but also durable and elegant living room all-Copper Solder lamp in home life. From these basic considerations, choose a European-style all-Copper Solder chandelier that suits your family. Because the situation of each family room is different, the function of the living room is also different. For example, the living room of some families may have to act as a dining room, so when choosing lamps, one should flexibly grasp various actual situations. Everyone knows that the center of a home is the living room, and the soul of the living room is the main light. However, because the living room pattern of each family is different, when choosing all-Copper Solder lamps in the living room, different styles of all-Copper Solder lamps should be flexibly matched according to the actual situation. When choosing, we must consider the actual situation so that the whole living room will not appear monotonous and shabby, but we should not be too magnificent and grasp a certain degree.
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