triac dimmer switch to control various lighting fixtures

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-08
Triac (
3-pole AC)
A widely used AC dimmer in the world, dimmers are first designed to control incandescent lamps and halogen lamps.
Nowadays, as LED lighting becomes more popular, they are also compatible with dimmable LED bulbs or triac dimmable LED drivers.
If you just want to control your standard incandescent lamp, halogen lamp or xenon lamp, you should use the triac dimmer switch.
This switch uses an electrical element called a three-pole AC switch or a three-pole AC switch.
To darken, the switch turns the light on and off very quickly, about 120 times per second.
The flashing happened so fast that we didn\'t notice it.
The process is similar to how the video works-the still frame moves so fast that what we see looks smooth and continuous.
To reduce the brightness, triac keeps the lamp \"on\" greater than \"off \".
In order to adjust the brightness higher, they are more \"off\" than \"on \".
\"If you are controlling the AC dimmable LED light, you can also use the triac dimmer.
But if it is a dc led light, triac dimmable LED driver is required between the dimmer and the light.
Flashing is an issue when using a triac dimmer to control the led and darken to a low brightness level (for example below 20%.
The traditional control unit of the Triac dimmer is the button switch and the rotary switch, which are not smart enough.
Today, many manufacturers have developed intelligent controls for triac dimmers.
RF/WiFi wireless control is an intelligent solution that greatly improves flexibility.
Triac dimmer with built-in design
In an RF receiver that receives wireless signals from a remote or smartphone.
The transmission range can be over 20 m, so you can control the triac dimmer anywhere in your home.
Dmx5 12 control is another solution that is better than traditional control units.
Triac dimmer with built-in design
In the DMX interface, the input of the DMX signal is accepted.
The main controller should be required to send a DMX signal to the dimmer.
You can set the DMX address on the dimmer, and if the dimmer design has multiple output channels, you can control them separately using different DMX channels.
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