trends in wedding chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-14
One thing is clear if you have seen any bridal magazine: the chandelier is inside!
Every wedding of these days, both formal and informal, both internal and external, does not seem to be adequately decorated until it is decorated with fabulous chandeliers.
From classic to modern, this is the latest trend in wedding chandeliers.
Traditional chandeliers are placed in the center of the Grand Ballroom.
The sparkling teardrops crystal is a wonderful accent for the wedding and looks especially gorgeous at the wedding where the bride and bridesmaid are decorated with spectacular crystal jewelry.
Gorgeous ceiling lighting perfectly complements the sparkle of the same dreamy crystal wedding jewelry.
Nowadays, it is not only the formal ballroom wedding that will see the chandelier.
There is a big trend to rent smaller chandeliers that can be hung on each table at reception.
Traditional crystal drop designs can do this, but more modern styles are also popular.
Cylindrical layer with close hanging crystal with retro
Stylish style, all black chandeliers, stunning modern style
Statement of the Victorian era
The trend of the chandelier has expanded to hang almost any kind of fixture on the desk at the reception.
The low chandelier with wedding color fabric tones is a beautiful addition to the simple wedding design.
The clean and classic lights are unexpected and bring attractive splendor to the guests.
Country light fixtures are another interesting option.
The idea works well for weddings in places like barns or huts.
Create the atmosphere of the venue with a rough chandelier
With basic white candles (
Or electric candles).
You can even take it to the edge of the hunting cabin style with the antlers chandelier.
If you find something real a bit disturbing, check out some cool artificial stuff
There are antlers lamps available.
At a quirky modern wedding, this can be canceled in a very cool ironic way.
To make the chandelier completely modern, hang a clear plexiglass box on the table.
Set up multiple white or ivory candles on the base to let the flashing flame dance at the reception below.
Complete your platform escape with contemporary central installations in a series of square containers.
Overall, this is an important thing to remember: the style of the chandelier should definitely be combined with the table decoration below.
Have fun when choosing the perfect chandelier for your wedding.
Whether you\'re having a wedding in a hotel, in a tent, or under the stars, there are some great ways to enhance the decor by hanging lights.
The trend of wedding chandeliers seems to be here.
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