Tips for purchasing all-copper chandeliers with floating windows

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
At present, many people have floating windows, and all-copper small ceiling tops or small all-copper chandeliers are usually installed on the floating windows. Today, I 'd like to talk to you about the purchasing skills of all copper chandeliers in floating windows. 1. Check the color and shape of the all-copper chandelier to see if there are any undesirable phenomena such as blackening, rusting, scratching and dirt on the surface of the all-copper chandelier; Whether there is color difference in the whole lamp; Whether the metal part is deformed or not; Check whether there is too much contact or desoldering at the welding place. 2. Check the electrical part of the all-copper chandelier check the power supply part of the all-copper chandelier: see if the wires are damaged; Whether the lamp cap is deformed, broken or missing; Whether the lamp head tongue is skewed or loose; Positive and negative is close; With a multimeter (Check the conductivity)High voltage tester ( General High Voltage: 2U1000, check leakage and short circuit), Grounding resistance tester (Resistance value is greater than the specified value)Wait for a deep inspection. 3. Check the all-copper chandelier glass, which is generally tested in four aspects: Specification, smoothness, weight and appearance. The glass cannot contain impurities, and the surface cannot contain dirt or black spots; In addition, the glass should be smooth and there should be no blank front or rough and uneven. Floating window all copper chandelier SD04108- 03 snooker Mercure has developed and produced all-copper lamps for 18 years and has served more than 25000 customers across the country. All-copper lamps have been produced through 36 processes and have been serving every customer attentively and fearing every penny of the customer, for more information on all copper lamps, please call 400-800-7609.
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