Tips for choosing restaurant chandelier! A must-see guide for decoration!

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-08
Mingpu Lighting introduces you to the selection of family restaurant chandeliers. The styles of restaurant lights are now mostly chandeliers. You can choose some more artistic, which can make people feel happy. It should be the most warm place in the home. The element of light selection It lies in the warmth. The light should be adjusted in brightness or multiple lights. Usually, fully open can reflect the color of the food in the eyes. When you are engaged in a little romance, you can appropriately lower the brightness. The color of the light is best to be white or Light yellow, too bright light color and the color of the tableware (so it is best to use bright colors less for tableware) will affect the color sense of the food. The focal point of family restaurant lighting decoration is of course the dining table. Generally, hanging chandeliers can be used for lighting. For a rectangular dining table, the installation of a chandelier must have a light and dark adjuster and a lifting function, so that it can also be used for other tasks. Chinese food pays attention to color, fragrance, taste and shape, and often needs brighter warm colors. When enjoying Western food, If the light is darker and softer, it can create a romantic atmosphere. It is best to use warm colors in the choice of lighting in restaurants. From a psychological point of view, warm colors can stimulate the appetite. The color tone is soft and has enough brightness, which not only enables people to see the food clearly, but also matches the surrounding environment, furniture, and tableware, forming a visual overall aesthetic. Throughout our life, we will make ordinary things extraordinary. For more styles, please visit Mingpu's official website, Xingpu Taobao shop, or go directly to the Mingpu Lighting Exhibition Hall in Guzhen to buy on-site
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