Tips: Be alert to the health killers around you---Light pollution

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
In daily life, people make light for people because they neglect the requirement of light quality in their life; Use without restriction and quality, thus causing light fatigue syndrome such as dry eyes, acid, dizziness, headache, tension, fatigue, etc; . Killer 1: The Invasion of external light the medical community believes that in the process of human evolution, whether it is the secretion of growth hormone in children or the production of hormones and immunity in adults, it can only be fully completed under completely dark conditions. Once there is light; The production of this secretion will be affected or stopped. If a person does not get a good rest for several consecutive days at night, his hormone secretion will be disordered, immunity will decline, and mental fatigue will occur. If it goes on for a long time, psychological and physiological diseases will occur. Therefore, snooker suggests that you install a layer of shade cloth on your bedroom window to block light pollution; Human invasion; All light sources in the bedroom should be turned off when sleeping, and small illuminants such as light-emitting diodes or atmosphere bubbles should be shielded; Special attention should be paid to the prevention of light pollution in the bedroom of minors to ensure the normal growth and development of children; Whether adults or young children, each person should receive an average of about 1 hour of natural light per day to ensure the normal needs of the body. Killer 2, illumination is not enough, the light should be from enough illumination (Amount of light received per unit area). Different places and buildings have different requirements for illuminance. The illuminance on the working surface is required to be distributed evenly, and the indoor surfaces should have appropriate illuminance distribution. For example, the lighting design standard commonly used in schools, office buildings and other lighting places in our country is about 150 lux. Killer 3: The light is unstable and the light should be stable. If the light is bright enough; But it is constantly flashing; , We say it has stroboscopic; . When the value exceeds 25%, it will cause damage to the human visual system, stroboscopic; The deeper, the more severe the damage to the human visual system. Killer 4: the color rendering index is not less than 80. ( The color rendering index is the degree of color reduction by light--We call it color rendering). The color rendering index of sunlight is 100, and the color rendering index of general lighting should be above 80, so that people can easily distinguish the true color. Snooker tells you that the simple way to distinguish is to look at the Palm under the light: The Palm has a clear color and the light color index is high; If the palm is green, the light color is low. Under the light with low color rendering index (General fluorescent lamp is 60-70) When looking at things, the resolution of the eyes is low, which is easy to cause visual fatigue. In addition, it is easy to cause eye errors in color judgment. People often buy clothes in the mall and find that the color is different from the color seen in the mall. The reason is that the color rendering index of the merchant is not enough.
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