Three tricks teach you to distinguish the quality of all copper glass solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
The first trick: look at the welding joint. In many places of all-copper glass soldering lamp, sealing welding is used except for screw locks. Welding is a craft and has high technical requirements for workers, different hardware fittings need to be fixed together, most of which are air-welded. Identification tools: eye identification method: Observe the welded parts. If the welding scar is large, it indicates that the technology is low and serious may crack. In order to avoid this obvious flaw, some manufacturers apply dyes such as gold powder to the welded joint. But as long as you look carefully, you will find that there is a clear color difference between the position of the smear and other positions. Good welding is that the welding scar is small, the appearance of the welding part is beautiful and smooth, the welding object is not deformed, and there are few air holes. The second trick: surface polishing, surface polishing of metal materials is the first step to make color in the subsequent process. The surface of the metal raw material is rough, and the color directly made without polishing will give people an uncomfortable feeling. As a high-grade decorative lamp--All copper glass solder lamp. Also lost its noble meaning. Polishing (Also called polishing) Generally, the sand and grinding steps are selected for the roughness of the material and the quality requirements of the workpiece. If the material is too rough, it should be eliminated before the raw materials are put into storage, because if the surface of the metal material is damaged or concavo-convex, polishing will be powerless. The function of polishing is to make the flat metal surface of the glass solder lamp turn into fine light and regular lines, so that the effect of the color is better, and it is also a necessary step before the color is made. It is a little difficult for outsiders to identify finished lamps through the surface, but according to the following methods, it is basically inseparable. Identification Tool: Naked Eye observation, identification method: Observe the surface of metal material through the surface layer. 1. If the texture of the metal material is irregular, it indicates that it has not been polished. 2. If it is a misty feeling, it means that the polishing is only rough and rough, and the problem of feeling is involved here. Generally speaking, glass solder lamps need to be polished three times to achieve the desired effect. Specifically, there are many places that affect the quality of polishing, imported sand and domestic sand and wax are mostly used, the technical level of workers, and the eligibility of each process of workers are all places that affect the quality of polishing. At present, many manufacturers have failed to meet the requirements step by step, but they have simply completed the sand. Therefore, these lamps can only be viewed from a distance and cannot be played near. The third trick: look at the color, this is a chemical application discipline, which has a lot of attention. For solder lamps, the colors commonly used in China are nothing more than bronze, black and dark brown. The key is that the chemical treatment method is different, and the quality is also different, which can be seen from the color. Take bronze as an example: the closer to natural bronze, the better. The stronger the texture of copper reflected through the surface of copper, the better. It is worth emphasizing that there are many articles in the process of making bronze with glass solder lamps. Although they are all called bronze, they are also divided into many kinds according to different color differences, even if there are more than a dozen bronzes with similar colors, the price of surface treatment varies greatly, from 60 yuan/square meter to 400 yuan/square meter, the price in order is generally from high to low, the cost difference is very large, and there are countless people in charge. Because there are many professional problems here, because it is too complicated, it is impossible to introduce them one by one here. I can only tell you a simple way to roughly distinguish the bronze color of solder lamp: 1. Observe the surface of glass solder lamp, if there are small irregular lines on the surface of lamp body or fittings (It should be the feeling of yellow and red)The closer you are, the better. 2. Observe whether the glass solder lamp has pantothenic acid. Looking from the surface to the deep layer, it is found that the surface of the metal material has color spots, which look like iron rusting in severe cases. This shows that copper does not clean the acid residue after being cleaned by the mixed solution of acid, resulting in chemical reaction with copper, from the surface, there are a little marks similar to rust. In serious cases, the lights will be very ugly.
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