Three reasons why all-copper solder glass ceiling lamps are a bit expensive

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
All-copper solder glass ceiling lamps are exquisite and versatile, and are the only choice for bedrooms, aisles and balcony lamps. However, many customers complain that the price is too high when consulting all-copper solder glass ceiling lamps. To be honest, all-copper solder glass ceiling lamp is a bit expensive, but it is expensive for a Reason: Reason 1: soldering technology requires high lighting requirements. Insiders all know that all-copper solder glass ceiling lamp is a symmetrical lamp, the most obvious characteristics are the rigorous spatial relationship, the precision of connection between glass sheets, the symmetry of positional relationship, and the unity of connection mode and length. The most important process of all-copper solder glass ceiling lamp is sealing welding. Welding is a craft, which has high technical requirements for air welding masters. If the welding scar is too large, it may crack seriously. A good welding is a small scar, a smooth and smooth tin path, a beautiful and smooth appearance at the weld with few pores, no deformation of the weld and no tin leakage, I . e. no tin overflow can be seen from the surface of the solder lamp. Reason 2: cautious glaze sealing process: copper lamps are easy to oxidize and rust without anti-oxidation technology protection, as are all copper solder glass ceiling lamps. Small copper fittings can be put into glaze sealing machines for automatic processing, however, the installed ceiling lamp lampshade needs to be sealed by hand, one stroke and one stroke, and it is fine to every place. Reason 3: If the ceiling lamp of the integrated lampshade with high repair cost is damaged, the lampshade can be reissued and reinstalled by oneself, while if the all-copper solder glass ceiling lamp lampshade is damaged, most guests cannot replace it by themselves, even if it is just a small piece of glass, it is necessary to return to the factory with a special master to change the glass.
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