Three principles for European style decoration to choose all-copper lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
1. Determine the principle of all-copper lamp style. People have different styles of lighting due to their cultural level, hobbies, age and occupation. Therefore, the setting of lighting should proceed from reality and according to personal hobbies, in order to obtain the specific style and effect of lighting. Requirements for lighting in different occupations: people engaged in mental work generally like to be quiet, like reading books, designing drawings, researching information, etc. They need diversified lighting settings, desk lamps are easy to work, and floor lamps are helpful for reading, the bedside lamp is used to read newspaper information. Requirements for lighting of different ages: due to age differences, they also have different standards for lighting requirements: the elderly--The elderly have simple living habits and love quiet. The main lamp can be combined with a palace lamp chandelier or ceiling lamp. In order to facilitate the elderly to get up at night, a low-light light can be set at the bedside. Middle-aged people--For the decoration, the color is simple and clear. For example, use a swing-arm desk lamp or floor lamp to facilitate study and work. Young people--Young people should highlight new, strange and special lighting. The main lamp should show personality, creative shape and bright colors. Children-- Children's lighting is best to be unpredictable, highlight a strange, increase children's imagination, is conducive to intellectual development. The main Lamp strives to be simple and lively. Simple chandeliers or ceiling lamps can be used. The lights on the desktop for homework should be bright. Animal-shaped desk lamps can be used. However, attention should be paid to ensuring illuminance. Due to children's strong curiosity and mobility, therefore, lighting should be safe and reliable. 2. The relationship between general all-copper lamp lighting and local lighting. People are used to a room with general lighting'Main Light' Most of them are installed in the center of the room with chandeliers or ceiling lamps. In addition, set wall lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, etc. as required'Auxiliary lamp'For local lighting or auxiliary lighting. For example room-storey less than 2. 5 M, the area is not large, it is not suitable to set up multi-layer lights, especially not suitable for large chandeliers, with one or two beautiful wall lamps can play the role of general lighting and decoration. Study at night, work with a desk lamp, the lampshade with translucent plastic, the upper diffuse light can also meet the needs of lighting. 3. Practicality and decoration of all copper lamps. Like public buildings, indoor lighting is practical and decorative. How to deal with the relationship between the two can get twice the result with half the effort. Practicality of lamps-- It can ensure indoor lighting, ensure light hygiene, protect eyes, protect eyesight, light color without abnormal psychological or physiological reaction lamps are firm, and line safety switches are flexible. Decorative Lighting-- It is ornamental, the material of the lamps is beautiful, the shape is unique, the color is relatively novel and beautiful, the second is coordination, the copper lighting form is carefully designed, coordinated with the room decoration, and matched with the furniture, the lighting material is consistent with the furniture material, which can reflect the owner's artistic conception.
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