Three matching skills of hotel restaurant chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-06
The restaurant of the hotel is the top priority of the whole hotel. A good dining environment can bring better dining atmosphere to customers. The matching of chandeliers in the restaurant is especially important. First, when purchasing hotel restaurant chandeliers, the first thing to consider is whether it can be matched with the overall soft decoration of the hotel restaurant. Appropriate matching can build a warm eating atmosphere and bring a feeling of luxury and atmosphere. Second, the hotel restaurant chandelier should use low color temperature incandescent lamp, milk white bulb or frosted bulb, diffuse light, not dazzling, with natural light, more friendly and soft. The color temperature of the fluorescent lamp is high, under the light, the color cast, the face of the person looks pale, blue, and the color of the food is also changed. This will reduce people's appetite and not create a good dining atmosphere. Third, many hotels only value the style when choosing the restaurant chandelier. In fact, the lighting method of the restaurant is partial lighting. The main light is usually the one right above the dining table, according to the table surface area, it is advisable to choose the style of lampshade facing down, multi-head and combination; Therefore, the main reason is that it should be consistent with the overall soft decoration design style of the restaurant; Meet the requirements of bright, soft and natural illuminance required by the restaurant atmosphere; Generally, it is not suitable to use upward lighting, because it does not match the vision when eating.
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