Three major misunderstandings in the restaurant chandelier purchase, have you been recruited?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
In the process of sales, I heard many customers complain that when they bought chandeliers in the restaurant, the style was obviously very good and the workmanship was good, but I don't know why, I found it was not so satisfactory after buying and installing them. So why? The following small series to take stock of the restaurant chandeliers to buy these three misunderstandings, look, have you been recruited? First, pay attention to the grade. Many people think that the restaurant must be equipped with large chandeliers to make it look good. But in fact, because the height of ordinary commercial housing is not high now, it is usually only 2. 6-2. The appearance. However, installing a large restaurant chandelier in such a relatively narrow space will first make people feel nervous and depressed visually, and even cause some physiological adverse reactions, such as dizziness, nausea, etc. Second, choose the style at random. When some people install chandeliers in restaurants, he will think that chandeliers with different styles can highlight their personalities, and the more novel and novel The styles, the more eye-catching they are, in fact, the choice of the style of the restaurant chandelier still needs to be selected according to their overall decoration style. Third, the color is too rich. Many people think that color light sources can create a good dining atmosphere when choosing restaurant chandeliers, so many families will match some colorful auxiliary lights when choosing restaurant chandeliers, in fact, such rich colors are not conducive to improving the dining atmosphere. In addition, if you are in colorful light for a long time, you will be nervous and may cause harm to your body. In summary, the restaurant chandelier purchase or according to their own decoration style, personal preferences to choose, do not blindly buy!
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