Thousands of drivers buy James Bond-style number plates for £70 online to dodge speeding fines

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-14
James Bond-
Style plates are selling thousands to drivers keen on Dodge roadsrelated fines.
In order to avoid being picked up by an ANPR camera, the \"invisible platform\" covered by a black shutter is being sold online for about £ 70 and performed with bond\' saston Martin DB5 of the golden finger
But the purpose of the modern version is not to help drivers avoid villains, but to enable them to beat speed cameras, bus lane cameras and time limits in the parking lot.
The license plate cover is mounted on the front and rear of the car and is attached to the sensor next to the steering wheel.
Pushing a key chain causes a black electric cover to drop quickly to the Registration Board, hiding them in front of the camera and the parking administrator.
Other designs flip the number plate down to a flat position.
There are several professional websites online that publicly offer these products and tutorial videos showing how drivers can operate them efficiently.
An advertisement on EBay claimed that the plates were actually used to prevent crime.
Naazma123, who sold an ad for £ 75, said: \"Just press the remote and you can hide your license plate in a few seconds, either on the front or by pressing a button, two number plates.
Complete fixture kit to plug in a lighter or connect directly to the vehicle.
\"Protect your car at night from thieves trying to steal your license plate and clone your registration.
It is not illegal to sell these products, but it is illegal for drivers to use them to prevent their registration.
However, Nick Freeman, a famous car lawyer
Mr. nickname loophole
He said he was involved in two cases where drivers used cameras to avoid cameras.
\"Drivers are legally obliged to display their license plates at any time.
He says anyone who does not do so is committing a crime.
The spirit behind this is to avoid prosecution.
It is very dangerous to even have them.
The penalty will be immediate detention, ranging from three to four months to two years.
A spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior said: \"under the vehicle consumption tax and Registration Act 1994, it is illegal not to display or obscure license plates. \'
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