Those things that the lamp brand has joined

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-17
2014 is coming again, new business opportunities in the new year. Many friends will choose to join the lamp brand, because in this form, only the profit of lamps is considerable in the terminal market. So, as a second-time investor who has never done lamps, what should be paid attention to when signing a contract with a lamp store? I'm afraid this problem is what many friends who want to join the lamp store want to know. Here, the author summarizes the following according to many years of experience in the industry: first, the influence of the lamp brand and the stamina of brand development must be comprehensively investigated in the early stage of joining. Lamp retail stores want to quickly form an influence, there must be one or two lamp brands to attract early consumers. A good brand can not only drive the sales of other products, but also increase popularity. If you want to be more worry-free, you can also choose to be a specialty store of a certain manufacturer. In addition, we also need to examine the stamina of the development of this brand. Some so-called big brands may only do well in a certain field of lighting, while other lighting products may come from cooperative manufacturers, in this way, we lose our competitiveness in the market terminal. Second, the right decoration environment is the key to attracting customers. Because of the particularity of lamp products, we should not only consider the consistency of decoration style and lamp style in the process of decoration, but also consider the decoration to set off the lamp more clearly. The following issues should be paid attention :(1)The height of the store ceiling should not be lower than 2. Below, the most suitable height should be about; (2) Do not have too much natural light into the store decoration, too bright natural light will affect the customer's judgment on a lamp; (3) The installation position of ceiling and wall lamps should fully consider the reserved area of size. Wall width should not be less than 0. , Ceiling squares should not be less than 0. 8 m², conditional in the prominent position should be reserved 4-6 headlights of 1 m² size; (4) The decoration color should be one of the main colors, and the auxiliary color should not exceed 2. Too many colors and too many colors will have the opposite effect of usurping the host; (5) The layout of the store should be reasonable. It should be dominated by headlights or products with relatively large sales volume, accounting for a prominent position. Other products should be done around them, and more small lights should be placed on corners and cylinders. Third, different market environments should organize different sources of goods, mainly to meet the needs of the local market. Fourth, the choice of product style, product quantity and variety should be considered according to the area and cost of the store. Generally speaking, unless you are doing a large lamp store. Otherwise, the lamp style should not exceed 3 kinds. If you only have dozens of square stores, it is best to only make one style of products at this time. In addition, pay attention to the style as much as possible when purchasing, but the number of single items should be as small as possible. This can avoid backlogs caused by unsalable products.
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