Those things that match the hotel's all-copper restaurant lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
The hotel restaurant has a good dining environment, which requires not only good dishes and high-grade decoration, but also a core link: how to use all-copper restaurant lamps to contrast the surrounding environment is a key issue. The following author gives a brief description of the matching of all-copper restaurant lamps in hotels through years of experience: 1. Low color temperature (2700-3000 K) The color rendering index of the light source should be kept above 80. The appearance of the light source adopts milk white bulb or frosted bulb. Its luminous mode should be diffuse light and not dazzling, with natural light feeling, more friendly and soft. If a light source with high color temperature and poor color rendering is used, the color cast will be obvious, and the face of the person will look pale and blue. A very good table of food will also lose color under such light color, not to mention the taste of consumers. 2. Hotel all-copper restaurant lamps cannot only emphasize the appearance of lamps. In fact, as far as the lighting mode of the hotel restaurant is concerned, it is mainly local lighting. The main lighting is the lamp on the dining table, which shines on the table area. In terms of the exterior selection of all-copper restaurant lamps in hotels, the all-copper restaurant lamps of lower cover type, multi-head type and combined type should be adopted. Generally, the lamps with upward illumination are not suitable, because this does not match the vision of eating. At the same time, we also need to take into account the environmental lighting of the restaurant turnover, using wall lamps, ceiling lamps or dark trough lamps or tube spotlights to play the role of the dining environment. There are many ways to use these auxiliary lights, such as setting lighting in restaurant furniture, glass cabinets, etc; Local lighting of artworks and decorations, etc. It is necessary to know that the auxiliary lighting is not mainly for lighting, but to set off the environment with light and shadow effects. Therefore, the illumination is lower than that on the dining table. On the premise of highlighting the main light source, the arrangement of light and shadow should be orderly and not disordered.
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