Those feng shui taboos of restaurant chandeliers you don't know

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-07
The restaurant is a place for family reunion and dining. The decoration and layout of Chinese restaurants are quite exquisite. There are also some feng shui taboos in restaurant chandeliers, today, let's talk about the feng shui taboos of restaurant chandeliers that you don't know. First, it is not advisable to use spotlights too much. In addition to installing a restaurant chandelier as the main light, the restaurant will also install some spotlights to supplement the lighting, but if there are too many spotlights in the restaurant, it is easy to make people feel dizzy. At the same time, it will affect people's dining atmosphere and reduce appetite. Second, the shape of the restaurant chandelier should not be too complicated. The family sit together and enjoy the beautiful dinner. The warm and happy picture is a pleasing thing, but don't let the restaurant chandelier be too cumbersome, it is advisable to use a convenient and practical style. Third, the restaurant chandelier should not use pure white lampshade. In Chinese Feng Shui, restaurants decorated with pure white lampshades give people the feeling of decline, because the choice of funeral in China is white, so in this sense, there is a taboo, therefore, if you want to choose a three-headed restaurant chandelier, you should avoid the use of white, which will bring healthy feng shui to your family. Fourth, the restaurant chandelier should conform to the smooth characteristics. No matter what shape of the chandelier or what material of the chandelier, it is best not to have sharp corners. As long as there is no sharp corner, it will give us a sense of security, and it is also a good Feng Shui performance in the wind and water.
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