This kind of all-copper outdoor lamp should not be priced in size

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-12
When the customer walked into the store, he was attracted by the all-copper outdoor light at the first sight. He felt that the style was good and the atmosphere was high. When you look at the price of the tag, why is the price of the wall lamp higher than that of the column lamp? The height of the column lamp is higher than that of the wall lamp. Is it because you have mislabeled the price. Every time the customer asks me this way, I need to explain it to the customer. In fact, the price is not wrong. There is a reason why the price of the wall lamp is higher than that of the column lamp. Please listen to me, learn knowledge together, usually the number of heads (Number of light sources) The same size of the column lamp and the wall lamp shade is the same. The difference lies in the lower part. The lower part of the column lamp is cylindrical, which is a waterproof hardware rod, and the surface is painted; The lower part of the all-copper wall lamp is a frosted copper base, which is not only higher in material cost than the column lamp, but also higher in process cost than the column lamp. When it comes to sand copper, maybe many people still don't understand. The process of making accessories for all-copper lamps by the sand-turning copper process can be described in the following steps. Step 1: According to the physical objects or drawings of all-copper lamp fittings, the most original master mold can be carved with gypsum or other materials. Step 2: mix clay or chemical binder with carefully selected sand according to a certain proportion and coat it on the master mold. Take out the master mold inside after it is completely solidified, all copper lamp cavity sand mold is obtained. Step 3: melt copper at high temperature and inject it into the cavity sand mold. Remove the sand mold on the surface after the copper is completely solidified and cooled. You can get a matte copper fitting for a full copper lamp. Of course, this accessory also needs to go through the following processes such as polishing and polishing before it can be applied to the finished copper lamp. After some understanding, do you still think that the price of wall lamps is higher than that of column headlights is unreasonable? Therefore, all-copper outdoor lamps must not be priced in terms of size. Of course, other all-copper lamps are the same. Even if the size is large and the manufacturing process is different, the price is different!
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