This is the full copper lamp you want to buy when you see it

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
Many customers go to the store to choose the lights, the shopping guide will use the matching software to match the effect of the customer, with the beautiful decoration effect with the lamp looks really beautiful, just like the beauty camera for taking pictures. The actual customer's decoration effect may differ from that of the lamp matching software. Perhaps a certain lamp is actually installed at home and is not as good as expected. At this time, the customer's installation and real shooting is the most powerful persuasion. Here is a wave of all-copper lamps you want to buy when you look at them. The all-copper chandelier SZ22046 is a very versatile series. When it is made into black, it looks a bit of a new Chinese style, simple yet lasting appeal. The yellow Bronze style is very fresh, and it feels that there is no sense of discord with any style of decoration. Bedroom with all-copper ceiling lamp is the best, 10-A 15 ㎡ bedroom with a diameter of 30- The 40CM ceiling lamp is not only atmospheric, but also feels very warm. This is a real shot of the mobile phone, no beauty and no filter. After watching these full copper lamps, are you excited? For more information on the matching of full copper lamps, please call 400-800-7609.
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