These things in the living room chandelier space

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-02
The living room is the main leisure and activity space in the home. It is an important place for family members to gather and entertain. The bright and comfortable light is conducive to the joy of the atmosphere in the leisure time, and the visual burden of the eyes is reduced, other needs can also be met in different situations and time periods. Generally speaking, the lighting configuration of the living room will use the interactive matching of the main lighting and the auxiliary lighting to create the atmosphere of the space. The following snooker Meiju tells you these things about the space matching of chandeliers in the living room! The main lighting provides a large area of light in the living room space. Usually, the light source comes from the chandelier or ceiling lamp above, which can be matched differently according to the style of the occupant. When using the chandelier in the living room, attention should be paid to the uniform brightness of the upper and lower spaces. If the brightness difference between the ceiling and the lower movable space is too large, the living room will appear dark and uncomfortable. The floor height is less than 2. The 6-meter room should not use gorgeous multi-head chandeliers, which are easy to make people feel heavy and depressed, as if the space has become crowded. In addition, when selecting the main lamp, if the lampshade opening can be selected upward, the light will shine to the ceiling, and the reflected light will make people feel softer and easier. In terms of auxiliary lighting, it refers to small-sized lamps such as wall lamps, table lamps and vertical lamps, which are used as auxiliary lighting to enhance the layering of light. Wall lamps are mostly installed in porch, corridor or hall, mainly for guiding function; However, the choice of lamps and lanterns has increased recently, and many families have used lamps to decorate the corners of the living room, making it unique.
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