There is no need to worry about the matching of living room lights. The secret is here!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-02
As the core area of the home, the living room is not sloppy in all decoration details. The seemingly simple living room is especially particular about the matching of lamps and lanterns. Today, I will share the dry goods and tell you the secret of matching the living room lights. If you want to know, please come in quickly! The priority of the living room is definitely the main light, and different types of main lights are selected according to the height and area. If the floor height is not very high, it is recommended to choose ceiling lamps or version chandeliers. If it is a duplex building, it is more appropriate to choose atmospheric chandeliers. In addition to controlling the overall lighting of the living room, the main light is important to play a decorative role. Next is the background wall (TV Wall) In this area, it is common to install wall lamps. Choose a double-headed or single-headed wall lamp that matches the overall style of the living room, which can create a TV wall silhouette effect and make the eyes comfortable, relieve fatigue, and secondly play the role of decorating the living room. There is also the sofa area. It is suggested to put a floor lamp or desk lamp in this area, which can create a warm family atmosphere and is also convenient for reading at ordinary times. The last is local decoration. Some living rooms will have hanging pictures or other decorations. Spotlights can be installed in this area for local lighting to highlight the space and artistic taste of the living room. After reading the above selection and matching skills of living room lights, I hope it will be helpful for everyone to decorate. If you want to know more about the matching of living room lights, please consult 400-800-7609.
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