There are risks in joining the lighting industry, and their own positioning is indispensable

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-17
The potential of the lighting market is endless, and the joining of lighting has become a hot topic in the eyes of many investors in recent years; , And then when choosing to join the brand, it is often because of the lack of experience in joining, blindly looking at the strength of the brand, ignoring their own positioning and regretfully choosing the wrong brand, for this reason, snooker Meiju all-copper lamp takes you to know your own position of joining in lighting; . Problem type, ① advantage: experience, resources and contacts, all external conditions are available. 2 Disadvantages: high requirements, do not want to pay too much energy, easy to earn money. (3) matching: well-known big brands are more suitable for such people, but it depends on whether they agree with the enterprise concept and do not ask too much for the enterprise. The enterprise may consider him. Civilian type, ① advantage: have certain passion and drive in the early stage of starting a business. (2) disadvantages: lack of strength and experience, lack of understanding of the industry and market, high investment risks, and need comprehensive support from enterprises in the early stage. (3) matching: choose a general brand, invest not too much money, and slowly get involved in accumulating experience. Star type, ① advantages: rich experience and resources, strong strength, strong management ability, no need for too much support in the early stage, familiar with the industry and market conditions, and able to accurately locate. (2) disadvantages: pay more attention to the profit space of joining brands. Joining brands have higher requirements and more industries. They do not have much experience to manage the daily operation of stores. (3) matching: domestic well-known brands, manufacturers like this kind of dealers, but this kind of dealers tend to choose brands, and their energy to manage stores will be limited. Taurus type, ① advantages: rich experience, strong intention to join, entrepreneurial ambition and passion, able to devote oneself wholeheartedly, understand the industry, and be able to accurately locate. (2) disadvantages: their own strength is not strong, they need support in the early stage, they do not have independent store management experience, and their management ability needs to be improved. (3) Matching: The second-and third-tier domestic stable brands have a short development history and few terminal outlets, but they have enough energy to assist in training management. Finally, Xiao Bian sent a commercial formula on how to choose the right brand to help you better choose the brand of lighting. I am strong and weak, joint assessment; I am weak and strong, and I will evaluate it separately; The enemy is strong and I am strong, and I will evaluate it separately; The enemy is weak and I am weak, joint assessment.
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