the tradition of lighting lamps at diwali - times of india

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
Diwali is of course a Diwali!
There will be beautiful Dias at home, people buy lanterns of all shapes and sizes, and the children look forward to lighting up the night with beautiful phoojharis.
Perhaps the most important thing in all traditions is lighting fixtures.
In fact, Diwali or \"Diwali\" is extracted from the meaning of \"Diwali.
It has profound significance in people\'s hearts.
You will find these oil lamps with ghee and cotton wool in the home, arranged in circles and other shapes, adding a touch of bright color to the festival celebration.
Traditional Earth-made lamps now also have a place in the electric light.
The faith in the north of India is like this, when Lord Ram returned to ayotiya 14 years after exile, with his wife Sita and brother rahersman, people lit the lights to celebrate their beloved king.
From then until now, the lighting tradition of Diwali has become prominent.
Diwali is also an era from darkness to light, so Diarra people should get rid of darkness and eliminate evil.
Light is also a symbol of knowledge.
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