The third skill of glass solder lamp shopping guide

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
In the process of selling glass solder lamps in our daily life, customers often ask such questions: everything is the same, why is your price so much different from others? ; Faced with this problem, many glass solder lamp sales staff are either speechless, or they are self-defeating and wrong. Common errors are as follows: 1)Is it? Our glass solder lamp is different from theirs 2) Glass solder lamp all copper is different, we use the best copper 3) You can't just look at the price, but also look at the workmanship and design of the product. 4)The price is not much worse? Just a little analysis: at this time, the reason why we made a mistake. It is because we have entered a misunderstanding that we are trapped by the customer's problems and cannot walk out. Combined with consumer psychology, we try to analyze what kind of psychological state is behind the customer's rejection signal at this time. 1. The customer is originally out of nothing. He doesn't know how expensive the other family is. He just wants to keep the price to the lowest, so he presses you with the price of your competitors. 2. Your price is indeed higher than others, but the customer is interested in your product, so I hope to buy a better product than others at a low price. 3, intentionally set a set, let you get in and out. Finally, cut your price to the lowest. Correct drill: 1) Shopping Guide: Yes, our glass solder lamp is indeed slightly more expensive than the one you mentioned. An old customer also talked about this problem this morning, but then I bought our glass solder lamp. Sir, you also know that there are many factors that affect the price, such as design, technology, quality and after-sales, which will affect the price. This is like the reason why the taste made of the same material is different, so although the material is the same, the characteristics of our brand are. . . . 2) Shopping Guide: Yes, you are really very careful, observe so carefully, the store you said some glass solder lamp products use the same material as our brand. Then as a pure hand-made product such as glass solder lamp, its main price difference is in the work of the glass solder lamp itself. This gentleman, please sit down and listen to me clearly.
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