The third shopping guide skill of glass solder lamp store

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
Recently, some dealers' shop guides reported that when customers approached the glass solder lamp area, the guides introduced the products word by word according to some product introduction materials about glass solder lamps provided by lighting companies, however, the customer does not seem to buy much, and the customer does not say anything and turns to leave. They have tried a lot of routines and seem to be unable to leave customers. To sum up, the tricks they use are nothing more than the following: 1, good to go without sending 2, this glass solder lamp in your home must be good 3, Mr. wait a moment, I can also introduce you to other glass solder lamps. 4. If you really want it, it can be cheaper. 5. You are not sincere in buying things. Look at it. The above routines can also be said to be a method that has taken some time to sum up, but it seems that it is not very effective for such customers. First of all, let me analyze why the customer turned around and left without listening to our introduction. 1. We may not have a clear understanding of the decoration style of the customer's home, so we blindly went straight to the introduction of the glass solder lamp. As a result, the decoration style of the customer's home is completely irrelevant to the style of the glass solder lamp. Perhaps his family is modern or post-modern. 2. You may not have taken into account the customer's feelings and did not give him a better shopping experience. Your endless introduction to glass solder lamps has affected his selection and appreciation of products. 3. What the customer sees is another product, and you are tirelessly introducing another product to him, let him feel that you and he have no common language 4. Your intonation and speed are too fast, or your speech has no expression, giving people a feeling of endorsement. First, I don't quite understand, and second, I look very clumsy. So the customer turned and left. 5. Maybe you didn't pay attention to some small details of the customer, so you didn't provide him with corresponding services in time, which made him feel very uncomfortable. Combined with the above analysis, we have summarized several relatively useful words for your reference: 1)Shopping Guide: Mr (Miss)Please stay! Sorry, I must have failed to serve you just now and did not understand your real thoughts, so I 'd like to say sorry to you first. However, I really want to serve you well. Can you delay your time again, let me make up for the rash just now? Thank you. So by the way, the guests were guided to the rest area of the glass solder lamp to let the guests sit down and slowly understand the needs of the customers. 2)Shopping Guide: Mr (Miss)Please stay! I'm really sorry, I must have not introduced our glass solder lamp in place just now, so you didn't continue to look at it, however, I really want to help you find a product suitable for your home decoration style and your favorite, so please tell me the real idea. I'm helping you find a suitable glass solder lamp again, OK? Excuse me. . . . (Re-understanding customer needs and intentions)3) Shopping Guide: Miss, I think my performance just now must have made you dissatisfied. I think you want to leave without any indication. I'm really sorry, I'm just a shopping guide, please forgive me! However, I really want to serve you well, so can you give me a chance? I think I will definitely find a glass solder lamp suitable for your home decoration style and your favorite! Interpretation of tricks: many of our shopping guides often control their mouths when they are in contact with customers. They all know what they know like pouring beans, it doesn't matter whether the customer understands it or not, and whether it is suitable for the customer. As the saying goes: people only pay for their own needs. What we need to do is to dig out the internal needs of customers, and then to deal with customers with our professional product knowledge and purchasing skills. The best mining tool for customer needs is: ask more and say less, there is a good saying-The customer's needs are asked.
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