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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Zhongshan lighting factory, from the resolution crystal chandelier manufacturers should pay attention to protection against electric shock, protection against electric shock Europe type crystal chandelier lamps and lanterns after electrify, people do not want to touch live parts, don't get an electric shock danger. In addition, standard, lamps and lanterns use wire on the minimum cross section is 0. 5 mm square, some manufacturer for low capital, on products with wire cross-sectional area is less than 0. 5 mm square, thus generally make wire burning, all occurred in the layer of burn out after short circuit, produce risk. When buying can have a look at all edge layer outside the wire on the lamps and lanterns some tags. 。 Tw is the maximum incident temperature rating of the ballast coil at the temperature, the ballast can be incident 10 years in a row. Often use the kinds of lamps and lanterns of chandeliers, wall lamp, absorb dome light, floor lamp, desk lamp, embed dome light, etc. Table lamp, floor lamp and so on import should be portable lamps and lanterns is in the power cord wire safe, guard against power supply is its function? Lamp test have all move? Back when hit a fever components, wire overheating caused edge layer melt, heat exposed wires and metal shell, shell charged and cause electric shock. If buy, is incandescent lamps and lanterns, Chandeliers, wall lamp, for instance) , will remove bulb in a cold environment, such as touch live parts, with pinky, prevent to get an electric shock function is fundamental. Modern crystal chandelier lamps and lanterns, such as using inductance ballasts, see the mark in the ballast, although choose Tw higher a values ( Such as Tw130) Especially poor heat dissipation premise of lamps and lanterns, more should pay attention to this point. Tag silence is the basic requirement in function of lamps and lanterns is silent, the rated power especially nervous, such as a plan to 40 watts of lamps and lanterns, because not marked rated power, the user is roughly 60 - or 100 - watt light bulb, is largely caused by the shell deformation, edge damage, and even cause electric shock, otherwise generally cause a fire. From the layout of the lamps and lanterns to distinguish wire through the tube entrance should be no sharp edges, in order to avoid cutting wire, metal parts charged, get an electric shock risk. From continental crystal wall lamp lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns on the use of attachments to distinguish if the work is electronic ballasts, should choose and buy is equipped with abnormal condition to protect the lamps and lanterns of electronic ballast, the so-called abnormal protection is when fluorspar ray path presents an abnormal condition in favor of protection, make the electronic ballast can still normal incident. From the surface of lamps and lanterns to distinguish between the tag to buy crystal lighting factory lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns should be the first prosecution of the mark in the lamps and lanterns, such as trademark, type, rated voltage, rated power, etc. , to determine if its to the use requirements of itself. No matter choose what kind of lamps and lanterns, stress is the most silent indicators is unqualified, the owner can distinguish from the following several aspects. Caused by electric shock prevention function of lamps and lanterns is not in conformity with the standards, everyday is adopted is not in conformity with the requirements of the lamp holder or live parts of lamps and lanterns without lid to protection against electric shock, such as the paper tags: zhongshan crystal chandelier, crystal chandelier wholesale, sheepskin lamp factory, reprint please indicate the WWW. zsgzyw。 com
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