The 'stubborn' stain of the all-copper lamp is really a headache, come and help!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
The all-copper lamp has been installed at home for a long time, so it is inevitable that there will be some dust and even some stains. Ordinary dust, wipe with a dry rag, and then some are more stubborn; The stains, you may be helpless. For example, the lampshade accidentally got oil stains. If the lampshade is smooth glass, it is very simple to deal with the oil stains. A clean rag will be wiped clean. However, if the lampshade is frosted glass and stained with oil stains, it will be very troublesome. The oil stains directly penetrate into the glass and are cleaned with a rag, which has no effect at all. What should I do? Like the above situation, we need to use Tianna water, which is also called Banana Oil. Dip a little Tianna water with a rag and wipe the lampshade repeatedly. The oil stains on the lampshade will be slowly removed and very clean. Do you know the treatment of oil stains on the lampshade of all copper lamps? For cleaning and maintenance information of all copper lamps, please call 4000-800-7609.
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