The stars-European-style copper chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-13
The Korean drama 'you from the Stars' is popular all over the world, how many people fall in love with this TV series, and the aftertaste is still there. In particular, the fried chicken and beer in the drama became the trend of hot food during that time. Of course, what I want to say today is the stars from snooker-European-style copper chandelier! SD04126-01 bedroom renderings SD04126- 01 European copper chandelier is a star-shaped chandelier. It stands out among many all-copper lamp styles in snooker Meiju. Without too many complicated decorations and simple five-pointed star shapes, such a lamp has become the darling of consumers. This star chandelier, our original intention is to put it in the exclusive children's room, representing wisdom. Later, different consumers had different ideas. Some customers hung it in the porch and some customers hung it in the rest area. The simple European style seems to be very versatile everywhere! SD04126-01 corridor effect diagram
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