The sitting room european-style crystal chandelier lighting planning

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-20
Zhongshan lighting factory, is a family living space, sitting room chat people listen to music in this watch TV or read newspapers and magazines, etc. Modern crystal chandelier at the same time it is also the guests with us, people tend to spare no effort to decorate in the overall planning of furniture spend a lot of thought and the choice of lamps and lanterns of energy and money in order to get the perfect effect. Crystal chandelier manufacturer with lamps and lanterns to decorate the living room is an important means, not only the various features of the light itself should be involved in the design plan of rooms, and the modelling of lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the whole it decorate style. Due to the use of functional diversity, sitting room space is general relatively capacious, we usually according to different regional configuration of a variety of lighting, in order to good for eyesight health, general average set in the sitting room lighting lighting and special light easy to photograph. Usually refers to the sitting room advocate the lamp in the so-called average illumination, light to every corner of the room can get clear atmosphere. Nowadays the droplight modelling diversity, gorgeous. Often for new first choice but to pay attention to is too large, the volume of droplight form is too complicated, otherwise, be self-defeating and does not match the size of the room itself and decoration style. In addition, would like to give some thought for European crystal wall lamp lighting homeowners will select rows of starlight type downlight or track lamp, the effect of the cost is high but it is not common. More zhuifeng USES the condole top of neon tube design, while bring of dimensional administrative levels, should beware of neon bright colors tend to be conflicted with the integral style of the room. In addition it should be combined with the size of the family to plan, to achieve the best lighting effect. This paper label: zhongshan crystal droplight, wholesale crystal chandelier, crystal lighting factory, sheepskin lamp factory, reprint please indicate the WWW. zsgzyw。 com
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